Root canal


All our dentists perform root canals. In addition, our endodontics (root canal) specialist Thomas H. Myrhaug, performs root canals which are more complicated than normal and he performs surgical procedures when needed.


Having a root canal treatment means we remove nerves and veins from the interior of your tooth, and then we proceed to fill it up with root canal filling material. The purpose of a root canal treatment is to maintain the tooth function by removing inflamed/infected tissue in the root canal, and to prevent the infection from spreading further to the adjacent jawbone.


There may be many causes as to why one must have a root canal done. It may be due to a large cavity (caries) or perhaps because the tooth has been exposed to trauma. Bacteria have accessed the root canal, and this needs to be removed by having a root canal treatment.

For more information or to have the procedure done, please contact us.